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A Morphology Process

The starting point of this project is a research process on the science of morphology . It is based on understanding the form and on using the aesthetic side of design products. I started the research by selecting fifty  objects older than ninety years with  different related functions. I found the research morphologically interesting especially  by discovering items with functions that could result out of date in the current era, like instruments of torture or old fashioned ice cream-maker. After selecting the object of my interest - the Savonarola X Chair in this case - I later analysed its morphology and studied the physical parameters in order to reconstruct the product in a digital three-dimensional shape. I then translated the relevant aesthetic elements in a new product with a totally different function: a barbecue set of cutlery. I focus my new design on the decorative elements of the chair -mainly based on vegetation and acanthus leaves- and on the X like shape of the structure. The prototype of the new design have been produced by 3D printing technology.

Render Meat.png
Render Particolare 0.jpg
Render Particolare 2ok.jpg
Design Aesthetic: My Portfolio
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