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Bad Feminist. My graduation project showcased withing Melkweg Expo exhibition.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

A gallery's visitor in front of my installation at the opening of the exhibition.

What makes a feminist? Can you still call yourself one if you watch porn, or listen to rap? In her 2014 collection of essays titled Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay reveals the contradictions she faced when personally exploring the subject. To be a feminist, she uncovers, does not require a state of unattainable perfection. Once she understood that, she decided to embrace the title: a feminist, albeit a flawed one. From the 7th of February until the 8th of March 2020 I have the opportunity to showcase my graduation project The Feminist Textile Glossary within the exhibition Bad Feminist at dutch gallery Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam. Melkweg Expo gives the stage to contemporary feminist artists. They represent a new generation of visual artists who use their art to tackle feminist issues. The activist artists participating in the exhibition and I are creating a universe for the bad, the bold and the brave feminist. We took on outdated patriarchal systems, misogynist language, sexism in music and encourage the exchange of information on feminist issues. Armed with the power of language and visuals, we spark small revolutions and challenge audiences with our installations, videos and visual artwork. Disrupt your understanding of feminism and feel free to speak out, question and unleash the Bad Feminist within.

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