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Hey, what’s cooking over there?! Discover Lalapis, e project about edible food packaging!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The problem of the garbage and product waste present on our planet is one of the biggest challenges of our society. Our consumeristic procedures continue to create overwhelming waste wreckage: this problem is tangible to everyone, but recycling is not an answer. As most of the current food packaging products are not in line with our planet's needs, my collaborator and friend Cecilia Polonara and I decided to work on a solution. The solution is an entirely edible and compostable pencil that disappears while you are using it, leaving behind no trace of waste. This product can replace billions of glass and plastic packaging that would be incinerated otherwise.

Through the transformative process of three key elements of the product, namely material, gestures and time of use and dispose, the goal of Lalapis is to codify in a new language our daily life practices to help users live a more environmental conscious life. With this project we want to demonstrate how the industry can effectually respond to prevent, mitigate, and adapt to climate change. In this period, we are working to put our idea on the market. Check the project on Instagram!

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