IQO - Costumer Expectation Management App

The IQO - Customer Expectation Management App is a simple and straightforward app for the clients of IQO Web Agency. The main goal of the app is to manage the expectations of the clients by providing quick and easy insights about their project. The main functions developed within the app allow customers to discover the milestones of the projects, explore the main deliverables and track the general progress. In this way, users have the possibility to be aware of the key events of the project and to check the different assessments they provided to the DTT company. Besides these three basic functions, users can also manage, collect and exchange the documents specifically referred to the project and optimise the performance of the meetings he/she will have with the staff of IQO Web Agency.

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Tutorial Screens

The tutorial will be shown once and can be viewed again from the menu.
During the tutorial, the user receives an explanation about the app, starting with an explanation about the opportunity to discover the milestones of his / her project. Through this functionality, the user can be aware of the key events of the project and map forward movements in the project plan.

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Registration & Welcome Screens

This screen shows the process of the registration through the app for the user. He/she can sign up providing the email address and the passwords. The second screen of the registration flow offers a safe opportunity for the user to verify the security code that arrives at the email address provided by the user during the registration. The final step of the registration shows a welcome page to the user with a profile picture and a short summary of the main features of the project.

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Functionality Screens - Discover Milestones

This screen shows the “Discover Milestones”  Menu function. Through this menu the user can choose which of the project milestones he/she wants to have more insights on. The milestones are placed in chronological order. After choosing the relevant milestone, the user can have access to different data such as the general progress of the milestone and a worked hours overview for the different months.


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Functionality Screens - Explore Deliverables

This screen shows the “Explore Deliverables”  Menu function. Through this menu screen, the user has the opportunity to choose which of the project deliverables he / she wants to have more insights on. In this example, the list of different deliverables includes Analysis Reports, User Journey, Personas Research, UX Research etcetera.

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Functionality Screens - Track Progress

This screen shows the “Track Progress”  Menu function. Through this menu the user can choose which section of the project he/she wants to have more insights on. The user can choose between having insights in the general status of the project, in the project’s performance and also more specifically in the different tasks of
the project.


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Functionality Screens - Optimise Meetings

This screen shows the “Optimise Meetings”  Menu function. Through this menu the user can choose to see the agenda of the next scheduled meeting, to get a detailed analysis on the speaking balance of the last recorder meeting, and to get meetings conversation recaps.

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Through the About Screen, the user can read about the terms and condition, feedback and contact, design and development of the app. Through the Menu Screen, the user can easily go through all the functionality of the app.

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